Table of Contents

PART I Foundational Considerations

1. Artistic Citizenship: Introduction, Aims, and Overview
by David J. Elliott, Marissa Silverman, and Wayne Bowman

2. Art and Citizenship: The History of a Divorce
by David Wiles

3. New York Reimagined: Artists, Arts Organizations, and the Rebirth of a City
by Mary Schmidt Campbell

4. Artistry, Ethics, and Citizenship
by Wayne Bowman

5. Arts Education as/ for Artistic Citizenship
by Marissa Silverman and David J. Elliott

6. Art as a Bad Public Good
by Ana Vujanovic

PART II Dance/ Movement- Based Arts

7. Movement Potentials and Civic Engagement: An Interview
with Liz Lerman

8. Dance It, Film It, Share It: Exploring Participatory Dances and Civic Potential
by Sangita Shresthova

9. Moving Comfortably Between Continuity and Disruption: Somatics and Urban Dance as Embodied Responses to Civic Responsibility
by Naomi M. Jackson

10. Re/ imagining Artivism
by Rodney Diverlus

PART III Media and Technology

11. Queer and Trans People of Color Community Arts Collective: Ste- Émilie Skillshare
by Sandra Jeppesen, Anna Kruzynski, and Coco Riot

12. Slow FAST Forward: Enacting Digital Art and Civic Opportunities
by Jennifer Parker

13. Tactical Citizenship: Straddling the Line Between Community and Contestation
by Eric Kluitenberg

14. Ghostly Testimonies: Re- enactment and Ethical Responsibility in Contemporary Israeli Documentary Cinema
by Raz Yosef and Yaara Ozery


15. Music, Social Change, and Alternative Forms of Citizenship
by Thomas Turino

16. Citizens or Subjects? El Sistema in Critical Perspective
by Geoffrey Baker

17. Arts- Based Service Learning with Indigenous Communities: Engendering Artistic Citizenship
by Brydie- Leigh Bartleet and Gavin Carfoot

18. Alchemies of Sanctioned Value: Music, Networks, Law
by Martin Scherzinger

PART V Poetry/ Storytelling

19. The Points Are Not the Point, But Do They Still Matter? A Practitioner’s Take on Spoken Word, Slam Poetry, and the Responsibility of Artists to Engage Their Audiences
by Kyle “Guante” Tran Myhre

20. Poet as Citizen in a Contested Nation: Rewriting the Poetry of Soviet- Occupied Afghanistan
by Aria Fani

21. Songs of Passage and Sacrifice: Gabriella Ghermandi’s Stories in Performance
by Laura Dolp and Eveljn Ferraro

PART VI Theater

22. Applied Theater and Citizenship in the Puerto Rican Community: Artistic Citizenship in Practice
by David T. Montgomery

23. Performing Citizenship: Performance Art and Public Happiness
by Sibylle Peters

24. Valuing Performance: Purposes at Play in Participatory Theater Practice
by Nicola Shaughnessy

PART VII Visual Arts

25. A New Letter Named Square
by Coco Guzman

26. Working All the Time: Artistic Citizenship in the 21st Century
by Diane Mullin

27. Image as Ignorant Schoolmaster: A Lesson in Democratic Equality
by Tyson Lewis

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